About ur Research and Development Department

Research & Development Department of Dainen Co., Ltd. consistently gathers the latest information, and not only challenges to improve our products, but we also to develop new ones in order to respond to our consumers’ diversified needs. We are participating in the combined study of “rare metal storage of burned ash and dust, and recovery of it” which is a part of the study to “The challenge to establish a recycling-based society” requestd by the Ministry of the Environment. Furthermore, we have placed our laboratory in the research center for studying eco technology in the Kusatsu campus of Ritsumeikan University in conjunction with the University of Hyogo, to grasp the needs of the next generation in a speedy and appropriate manner.

Development overview

Name Dainen Trading Co., Ltd. Research & Development Department
Business activities Researching and developing the activated carbon,
various materials for steel making and other new products
<Name> Head office
and Research & Development Department
<Location> 3001 Nakashiema, Shikama-ku,
Himeji, Hyogo-ken, Japan
<Tel> 079-234-7177
Contact contact-jikai@dainen.co.jp

Research and Development

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