Our Challenge to Protect the Environment

Global warming has become a serious problem,
as continued reports of abnormal weather and the consequences of this weather fill the daily news reports.
Global warming is one tragic consequence of recent human prosperity,
as human activities increase the quantity of greenhouse-effect gases such as CO2.

We at DAINEN Group strive to be an environment-friendly enterprise,
improving our world as we conduct our business and pursue profit.

LP Gas
LP Gas is a clean form of energy,
which emits greenhouse gases to a far smaller degree than electricity generated at a thermal power plant.

By supplying LP Gas, we contribute to lowering human impact on global warming.

Powder slugs produced at revolving-furnace steel factories are normally quite low in utilization.
However, our famous briquette-forming technologies allow them to be converted into sub- raw materials for being recycled as part of the steel production process.

By supplying briquettes, we contribute to resource recycling and the effective use of materials.

Activated Carbon
Activated carbon has been widely utilized in such applications as advanced treatments
at water purification plants to eliminate odors and organic substances in tap water;
to eliminate offensive odors at sewage treatment plants; and to eliminate dioxins at refuse incineration plants.

By supplying activated carbons, we contribute to a clean environment.