DAINEN GROUP supports and contributes to our local society.


Buzo HAYABARA, first president of DAINEN, established SHIKAMA JIKEI FOUNDATION on June 27th, 1956, in conformity with the wishes of Chiyoe, former wife of Buzo, to contribute to the social activities, with the great help of local societies. After established, Shikama Jikei Foundation started to be involved in several projects in the community supporting families in need and conduct donation to Ikuei Scholarship or Child Welfare in community, following to start donating to Youth Sports Activity Group to widen its charitable activities.


JIKEI Nursery School was established on July 1st, 1970 financed fully by SHIKAMA JIKEI FOUNDATION. Under the policy “Brightly, Honestly, and Thoughtfully” by first director Masaharu HAYABARA, JIKEI Nursery School takes special care of each child, helping them develop active minds and bodies. Children are encouraged to spend much of their time outside playing in a natural environment with friends at same and different ages, to help develop each child’s personality and to ensure each has a fun-filled time. Jikei Nursery School staff also read to the children every day to cultivate and entertain their young imaginations. Open curriculum is also provided for families and local residents to share in the wonderful experience of raising and caring for children.