Working to Increase Our Contribution to Clean Water and Clean Air for Better Environment


We provide not only Activated Carbons for gas-phase, liquid phase, and environmental purification use, but also instant warmers, incense sticks, or deodorant for refrigerators which also include Activated Carbon.

Factory for Activated Carbon

With a guaranteed manufacturing technology since 1965, we produce Activated Carbons in good quality at Niigata Factory mainly, and Himeji Factory as well.

About Environment Dept

Environmental pollution has been focused on globally, and clean water and clean air for better environment needs to be promoted in modern society. ENVIRONMENTAL BUSINESS DIVISION produces Activated Carbons with the best adsorption efficiency and suitable shape, contributing to the society by applying them in various fields. Through our Environmental items such as Activated Carbons, we keep contributing ourselves to the better environment.

Business Outline

Division Name Environment Department
Business Producing and selling Activated Carbon and other related industrial medicines
Branch List
<Branch Name> <Address> <TEL>
Niigata Factory 653-13, Tarodai, Kita-ku,
Niigata-shi, 950-3101
TEL +81-25-255-3336
Tokyo Office 7-1, Kanda Mikura-cho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0038
5F Daiwa Kanda Mikuracho Bldg
TEL +81-03-3526-6930
Himeji Office 3001 Nakashima, Shikama-ku,
Himeji-city 672-8555
TEL +81-79-234-7189
Kyushu Office 1-16, Imojimachi, Kokura-kita-ku,
Kitakyushu-shi, 803-0821
TEL +81-93-581-5851